The season, which you spend outside, at the beach, in the park, in the mountains, is over. The summer has passed and it is autumn now, so you are at home, chilling, relaxing, working, reading, writing a lot more often. And while all the imperfections in the house didn’t matter, when the sun was bright and the adventures endless, they might be really bothering and irritating now. So what you need to do is take care of your home, eventually. You should clean every bit, every corner, remove every stain and cobweb, but your time is limited, your energy as well and the truth is that you don’t dream of spending all your free time holding a rag and a detergent. Well, you don’t want to fake a cleaning, no, no. But you want to perform a simpler and easier one, which will make your home clean enough, so you could cuddle with your beloved one on the sofa with a book and a cup of hot chocolate, without going mad. That is what you want. So here it is – the guide for the easiest and most successful cleaning, the secrets and experience of End of Tenancy Cleaning London, summed up into the list of the top three.

Don’t risk missing them. Keep reading.

The dishes

What makes your kitchen look gross? Do you believe that there is someone, who will come and notice that greasy stain on the ceramic hobs? Do you indeed? No, not really. What makes your kitchen look incredibly messy and dirty are the dishes – the unwashed piles of cups and plates everywhere, which await your help. You don’t need to spend hours, but a couple of minutes after every meal and after every cooking. Hide them in the dishwasher, turn it on during the night and empty it in the morning. It will be all good. Guaranteed.

The windows

You have invited a guest for an afternoon tea and you are all sitting in the living room, enjoying the tastes that delight senses and the nice view outside. Wait, is it nice? A dirty window, full of stains and dust, with cobwebs in the corner and raindrop track all over, may spoil this wonderful experience. Wash them often. That is the simple solution. Start with a wet clout and remove the grime. Thereafter perfect with a detergent and microfiber cloth.

The tiles

There is nothing grosser than a bathroom with tiles, unclean, untouched and disgusting. So make sure that always, in every moment of every day, without exceptions, the tiles in the bathroom will be in wonderful condition. At least twice a month, clean them carefully with a strong and effective detergent, make sure that you will remove the hard-water stains and you will treat them deeply. After that, maintain them well. Wash them on a daily basis, when you are taking a shower and if needed even more often. Nice looking bathroom means nice looking home.