I have recently had my home renovated. I have wanted that for years and when we finally had the funds to do it, my husband and I jumped at the chance. We drew the plans, we bought all the necessary materials and we found builders who could execute the project. Everything was going really well until the project was finished and I could notice the dirt and dust piled everywhere because it occurred that my builders were not the most careful bunch on the planet. I was so angry and unhappy with the mess left behind that I started looking for solutions.

Finding the cleaning agency

My first resort was to get help from a cleaning agency. I contacted them and got a quote for after builders cleaning, which I thought was very reasonable. It was an all-inclusive quote to clean my apartment with the most modern equipment and the use of cleaning products that are safe and biodegradable. They were also amongst the most recommended agencies on the market so I thought I would give them a go. I contacted the builders and requested that they pay for the service since it was them that left all that mess. Of course, as you can imagine, they refused to pay so I had to decide if I was going to pay anyway or do it myself.

Tackle the dirt on my own

If I say that I hate cleaning it will be an understatement. I really don’t like it as I think it is time-consuming and I could be spending that time with my family doing a lot more pleasurable things. Anyway, the damage has been done so I have no choice but face it. I called a couple of friends asking for their help by bribing them with a homemade Sheppard’s pie once we finish the work. To my surprise, they agreed so we started. However, once we sat down and calculated how much we needed to rent a professional vacuum cleaner and buy the necessary products, it worked out cheaper to contact the cleaning agency.

Calling the cleaning agency to action

I was more than happy to call the agency and request a team of cleaners to do the after builders cleaning for me. The quote I was given included the cleaning of all windows together with the window sills inside and out, wiping down the doors and the skirting boards, all switches and sockets were also included. All rooms in my apartment – the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedrooms and the hallway were in the quote too and last but not least the carpets and upholstery were in the deal as well.

What more could I ask for? The cleaners arrived right on time and it took them 4 hours of hard work to bring my property back to normal. Everywhere was spotless and fresh. The cleaners were professional and efficient and did exactly what they said they would do. Upon leaving, they let me know that I have 48 hours to complain about their services if I find the reason to. If I found dust or dirt, they would come and clean once again without charging me. I was made up! My property was once again back to its clean state and my family could return without worrying about allergies and health issues caused by dust.