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Getting Your End of Tenancy Cleaning in Islington Right


In a beautiful city like Islington, tidiness is a virtue. And as such, you have to perform an excellent cleaning to leave your apartment without having a dispute with the asset proprietor. In fact, the department of Deposit Protection Scheme once confirmed that 56% of deposit disputes result from inadequate cleaning. DIY or Hiring Professional […]

The cleaning mistakes you surely make, but you should avoid

image of cleaning mistake

This topic is eternal. Just like you will hear people talking about love and war and freedom, commitment, friendship, sorrow and wisdom, everywhere, all over the world, you can hear people discussing the new simple cleaning solutions, that trick that removes every stain, that cleaning company that transforms the home and the dust that is the worst […]

Washing dishes, washing windows, washing tiles – super easy and super fast

image of washing dishes

The season, which you spend outside, at the beach, in the park, in the mountains, is over. The summer has passed and it is autumn now, so you are at home, chilling, relaxing, working, reading, writing a lot more often. And while all the imperfections in the house didn’t matter, when the sun was bright […]