This topic is eternal. Just like you will hear people talking about love and war and freedom, commitment, friendship, sorrow and wisdom, everywhere, all over the world, you can hear people discussing the new simple cleaning solutions, that trick that removes every stain, that cleaning company that transforms the home and the dust that is the worst enemy of every household. Yeah, as soon as we all live in houses, which we have to maintain, we all are interested in cleaning, admit it or not. And despite the feminism, the equality of the sexes and so on, if you are a woman, there would most probably come a moment in your life, when you will have to start doing it regularly, properly, skillfully. Your grandma did it, your mum, too, and you won’t be an exception. But what if I tell you that you are simply not doing it in the best way possible and that you are making some annoying little mistakes, which do not allow you to reach the absolute perfection? Yeah, this is the harsh reality, the ugly truth. However, nothing is too constant and if you want to, you can improve your cleaning skills and you may even strive for greatness.

You are cleaning too superficially

This is maybe the biggest cleaning mistake of our time. You have some kind of routine and you are supposed to make everything look perfect, but the results are not what you expected and the reason is indeed explicit. You are just cleaning too superficially. You remove the dust with a wet clout and you are done, you believe that this is enough, when in reality you have to use a detergent or a microfiber cloth, you should learn cleaning more deeply, because it is also more efficient and lasts longer. You cannot expect that you will remove a stain from fabrics using a rag and warm water only; you have to treat it more seriously so as to reach flawlessness.

You are not cleaning your cleaners

And this, my dears, won’t allow you to clean well at all. And by cleaners, I mean all your cleaning tools like rags and microfiber cloths and mops and all the devices as well like the vacuum- and the steam-cleaner, the washing machine, the dishwasher. If you are not maintaining them in perfect condition, you won’t achieve perfect results. As simple as that. Remember, they are not self-washable at all, they require some special care.

You are cleaning barehanded

This one is a too common cleaning mistake. You bought that rubber gloves, you put them in the closet and you never used them again. Why? When you clean barehanded, you are not only not that efficient, you are unable to achieve great results, but this is also too harmful to your hands because the majority of the detergents are too strong so that they can be more effective, and thus they may hurt your skin.

10 Common Cleaning Mistakes!

From: Maker’s Cleaning Cloths