It is your car’s home and also the home of so many other things, isn’t it?

Every little belonging you so rarely use but are too sentimental for is there. That bike you ride from time to time, the ski you are using during the winter holiday only, all your books from college, the old TV, the old computer, the old washing machine, they are all there. So when you enter, you can notice a mess, a chaotic combination of all these things, or a little bit more organized one, too rare indeed. Because, who for God sake, declutters the place used for storing clutter. However, everything is completely OK, until a pretty unpleasant situation occurs – the end of the rent agreement and the upcoming move-out. This entire procedure was perhaps once easy and nice, nothing special and nothing that hard, but in the era when you have to perform a deep and efficient end of tenancy cleaning that will return the whole accommodation in the same condition it was, in the era when this clean-up is followed by an inspection and this inspection determines whether you will get the money from your security deposit back or not, you are stressed and panicked and you are going mad indeed. However, if you are leaving the house, you will have to take care even of the garage. So roll up your sleeves and keep reading, because otherwise, the move out cleaning would be more time-consuming, more irritating and tenser. Too many more-s you better save yourself.


This is the very important first step. In fact, the move out is the perfect time for getting rid of some stuff. Yeah, I know that you love all your things, but transporting them and taking care of them at the new place is indeed not worth it for a thing with no meaning, stupid and pointless. So go in there and sort out. After that decide which ones you will take with you and what you would do with the others – will you give them for charity? Will you organize a garage sale? Will you take them back to your parents’ house? When you have a plan and a to-do list, half the work is done and everything else seems super easy. So never skip that initial preparation!


At first, you may think that cleaning a garage is super easy – it is a room with almost no furniture, no carpet and often no windows, so what can be so hard? Well, this kind of thinking might be a little bit tricky, because the inspection, in the end, will be strict and the checklist will be too full. So every wall should be perfectly clean, every corner with no cobweb and so on. And if you want your life to be nicer and your everydayness easier, then the best solution is to hire one of the best London’s cleaners – experts, who will perform a clean-up with far better results.