The so called end of tenancy cleaning is the one you and every other tenant in London and in UK as a whole is supposed to take care of, before he could leave a rented house. 

And if you are willing to get your security deposit back, you not only have to vacuum your place, but you need to satisfy all the requirements in inspectors’ endless checklists. And this is not as simple as it sounds.

 For this reason, our Local End of Tenancy Cleaning London team offers services on high level and super reasonable prices. We will come at your door, fully equipped, and we will take care of it with preciseness, achieving absolute perfection. 

All the grease will vanish and all the stains and cobwebs will, as well.

Thus the overall condition of the house will be incredibly removed and you will get the so desired inspection pass.

So if you live in Knightsbridge, don’t forget that you can rely on us.  

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Cleaning Reviews

The in-laws were coming for my birthday and I needed a clean home and fast. Cleaning2Go were able to respond to my request on a very short notice and they delivered amazing results. My in-laws kept singing my praises all night as they thought I cleaned and they were really impressed. I am now a big fan of Cleaning2Go and use them regularly