If you are about to move out within a couple of weeks and you still haven’t done the most important task – the so called end of tenancy cleaning, then you most probably need help.

And as every person in this city knows how complex this clean-up is, no one is doing it alone anymore. And here we from Local End of Tenancy Cleaning London step by.

You only need to contact us, arranging an appointment, no matter if it will be a month earlier or the same day.

Then we will come to your house, fully-equipped, ready to transform it within a couple of hours and simply make it shine. The cleaning each of our teams deliver is absolutely professional and always successful.

So if you live in Ardleigh Green, never hesitate to contact us.  

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Cleaning Reviews

Brilliant company! Booking is so easy and the prices are extremely affordable! I use them once a month and I am so happy with the results! I would highly recommend them to anyone!