The after tenancy cleaning is one of the most difficult cleaning tasks of our time.

It is absolutely inclusive, which means that you are supposed to clean every single room in your house and have to take deep care of every surface, corner and place. Only then you could satisfy the inspector and thus receive the money from the security deposit back.

And as we all know how difficult this cleaning could be, it is more than understandable that you may need help.

In those cases just contact us. Discuss with our manager all the details about the upcoming cleaning and tell us all about your requirements. Thus we will perform the cleaning you expect and the inspectors want, assuring you an inspection pass.

So if you live in Tottenham, you can always rely on us.  

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Cleaning Reviews

The in-laws were coming for my birthday and I needed a clean home and fast. Cleaning2Go were able to respond to my request on a very short notice and they delivered amazing results. My in-laws kept singing my praises all night as they thought I cleaned and they were really impressed. I am now a big fan of Cleaning2Go and use them regularly